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Study Methods and Web-based Learning Tools

To learn characters effectively, follow the four learning steps:
  1. read the relevant pages of the textbook to gain an understanding of the information and concepts needed;
  2. use the Web instructional material to review the content of each chapter;
  3. do the Web exercises to check comprehension;
  4. use the questions, exercises, handwriting practice sheets, and suggested additional activities in the workbook to review and reinforce learning.

Web-based Learning Tools
Research findings suggest that to be literate in Chinese, a person must know approximately 3,000 commonly used characters. This website features two critical learning tools to help students begin their journey to literacy by learning the first 1,000 most frequently used characters.

Radical Components
Radicals are the most important group of characters to learn because all characters, traditional and simplified, possess these elements. This website has two interactive charts that help students learn all they need to know about radical components.

>> See a Sample Page from 214 Kangxi Traditional Radicals Learning Tool

>> See Sample Pages from 189 Xinhua Simplified Radicals Learning Tool

1,000 Characters
Each of the 1,000 most frequently used characters has its own traditional and simplified form interactive learning pages.

>> See Sample Pages from Traditional Characters Learning Tool

>> See Sample Pages from Simplified Characters Learning Tool