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The content of the Web chapters corresponds to the textbook chapters and is designed to reinforce the content of the textbook. The Web-based instructional pages and exercises are especially helpful as a self-instruction and review tool when the instructor is not available or when school is not in session. 

The Web material will be available through a subscription system in 2004-2005 and will be available for download or in CD-ROM format in the future.

You need to have the Macromedia Flash Player installed on you computer in order to view the Web material. If you don’t have Flash Player, the first time you view the Web material a message asking you to install and run Macromedia Flash Player will appear. Click “Yes” to install.

If you still have problem accessing the Web material after installing the Player, Click here for more information.

Instructional Pages
The instructional pages highlight the content of each chapter introduced in the textbook with audio, video, and animation. Students can click to learn important information about characters including English meaning, an audio clip of proper pronunciation, stroke-by-stroke animation, and a word compound or short phrase to illustrate the context in which the character is used.

>> See Sample Instructional Pages from Chapter 7

After reading the textbook and reviewing the content on the Web instructional pages, students can assess their learning with interactive Web exercises that provide immediate feedback and encourage the constant review and practice that are critical in character instruction. They are divided into three levels of difficulty: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

>> See a Sample Beginner Exercise from Chapter 6

>> See Sample Intermediate Exercises from Chapter 5

>> See Sample Advanced Exercises from Chapter 7