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Welcome! Are you ready to begin learning to read and write Chinese characters? For hints on how to get the best results from this material, find the section that applies to your learning situation.

For those taking their first-year Chinese language course

Your teacher will provide you with assignments that will guide you through the material. Follow your teacherís instructions, and ask your teacher for help when you encounter difficulties.

For those wanting to review, or to gain a more comprehensive understanding of characters

You may have had a tough time learning characters in the past. This is a common experience. This material will help you overcome whatever bad experiences you may have had. Here are some suggestions to help you conquer characters:

For those who speak some Chinese and wish to study characters on their own

This material is right for you. If you already know how to speak some Chinese, learning how to write characters is a skill that you can accomplish either with a teacher or on your own.

General guidelines for all students

The most crucial factor for your success is you! You must be committed. Learning to write characters also requires a high level of patience and attention to detail. We have put together a step-by-step program with learning strategies that can help you learn characters efficiently and help you retain what you learn.

Start by reading Chapter 1. If you can understand the content in this chapter, you should be able to use this material to teach yourself how to write characters. If you have trouble understanding Chapter 1, you should reconsider your plan. You may want to sign up for a beginning Chinese course or get help from a tutor.

In order to use this material effectively, it is extremely important to complete all the Web work and handwriting practice. It would be ideal if you could find a teacher or someone literate in Chinese to check your work after you complete each chapter.

Things to do before beginning

Suggestions for getting the most out of your study plan

Other considerations

Our best wishes to you in your studies!